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May 23, 2009

Marydel Azalea

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Marydel Azalea is definitely one of my new favorites! Large bouquets of pink flowers fragrance my garden in April and May. We Georgians can’t take the credit for this one–it was found growing naturally on private property which covered an area between Maryland and Delaware–thus the name ‘Marydel.’

It is not certain whether Marydel is a naturally occurring cross between Rhododendron Atlanticum and Periclymenoides or just a pink-flowering form of R. Atlanticum, but Marydel is definitely a spectacular plant in any garden.
One might think that it would need cooler temperatures, since it grows naturally in the northeast, but Marydel has proven herself to be quite tolerant of our Georgia climate.
In addition to huge, beautiful, fragrant blooms in spring, Marydel’s foliage seems to stand up well to our heat and humidity. Foliage attains a burgundy hue with the onset of our cold temperatures in late fall.
Try Marydel in your garden and you will not be disappointed!

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