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March 15, 2009

The Loss of a Pet

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Many of you have visited us here at Shady Gardens and enjoyed meeting our chickens. Hearing the names of them usually brings a smile. We gave all our chickens names from our favorite TV show. You’re probably familiar with Barney, Thelma Lou, and the Fun Girls, Daphne and Skippy. (Andy was a terribly mean Rhode Island Red Rooster that we couldn’t keep here with small children! And Barney decided we should give away Gomer, because he didn’t want to share the girls with him.)

Several weeks ago we were saddened with the loss of Skippy after a lengthy illness. Skippy was a good chicken. Our chickens are really just pets. We eat the eggs but never the chickens.

Although Skippy was never much of an egg layer, she certainly did her part as a member of our Insect Control Team. Skippy was the only hen that would not put up with Barney’s foolishness (you know how roosters are!) We will certainly miss her.

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