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April 2, 2011

Pomegranate: The Perfect Fruit for the Home Garden

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You can grow your own Pomegranates! 

With all the news lately regarding the health benefits of Pomegranate juice, we should consider growing our own! Pomegranates are probably the easiest fruit to grow in the home garden. 

Punica granatum loves hot sunny summers and dry, well-drained soil. It’s perfect for Georgia gardens, as long as we amend the soil for drainage. 

Although we often call it a Pomegranate Tree, the growth habit of Punica granatum is more like that of a shrub or bush. (Many old-timers around here actually call it a Plum Granny Bush.)

In order to set fruit, the pomegranate requires a cold winter followed by a hot summer. That’s us—hot summers and a cold winter! Winter temperatures down into the 40’s is cold enough to get plenty of fruit.

In addition to the health benefits of the fruit, there are many assets to growing pomegranate in your own backyard.

Beautiful bright red orange flowers resemble carnations.

Punica granatum is a drought tolerant plant that actually enjoys hot, dry sun.

Pomegranates also tolerate poor soil, which is handy for me since that’s what our garden is made of.

Pomegranate provides a great Autumn display when the bright yellow fall foliage shows off the fruit.

Punica granatum is self-fruitful, so to enjoy the fruit, you need only one plant.

The pomegranate is somewhat thorny, making it a great barrier plant. 

Punica granatum is a fast growing plant that when left to grow naturally, will ultimately reach up to 20 feet tall. But because the fruit will be very heavy, I recommend keeping the plant pruned to only 10 feet to prevent limb breakage.

If you like something different, the Pomegranate Tree also looks lovely espaliered.

Punica granatum is hardy in USDA Zones 7-12. 

As you can see, pomegranate plants are very easy to grow. If you’re still not convinced to grow pomegranate in your own garden, I challenge you to visit your local grocery store and swing by the produce department to check out the price of the pomegranate juice!

For more information or to order a Wonderful Pomegranate plant for your own garden, visit Shady Gardens Nursery.

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