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March 4, 2009

Master Gardener Day in Georgia

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Master Gardener Day in Georgia is March 21, 2009. All over the state of Georgia, Master Gardeners will be celebrating the day by doing what we do best–gardening for our communities.

Many do not realize what a Master Gardener actually is. Master Gardeners are volunteers who perform a wide variety of garden-related tasks in their communities. Some help in the office, taking calls and answering questions about local garden topics. Others work closely with children in the Junior Master Gardener program. While others actually get down and get their hands dirty planting gardens in and for the community. Whether it be an ornamental garden on the town square or a vegetable garden for the needy, Master Gardeners are always around to help.

Trained by professionals provided from the University of Georgia and the local County Extension Office, Master Gardeners are a knowledgeable group of people.

If you’d like to get involved in the Master Gardener program, please contact your local County Extension Office to find out when the next course will be offered.

December 7, 2008

Master Gardener Class Offered in Troup County, Georgia

Master Gardener Class for 2009

Do you want to learn more about how to make your garden grow, identify plants, and meet other people who are also interested in gardening? If so, applications are now being taken for the 2009 Master Gardener Class in Troup County. The class is open to residents of Troup, Harris, Heard, Meriwether, Muscogee and Coweta Counties in Georgia and also Lee, Chambers and Randolph Counties in Alabama.

Gardeners receive training in a variety of areas such as landscape design, soil and plant nutrition, plant physiology, turf grass maintenance and other related topics. Those participating will then volunteer to assist the local County Agents and local gardeners to answer their gardening questions and participate in special gardening projects with other Master Gardeners.

The classes are taught by professionals in their field, University professors and other well qualified individuals.

Classes will be held at the Troup County Agriculture Center, 21 Vulcan Materials Road, LaGrange and will meet from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday from January 27 through April 2, 2009. Cost for the program is $125.00 and includes the textbook, all classroom materials, a name badge and certificate. A minimum of $75.00 is required with the application.

In the first year following completion of the course, class members are required to contribute 50 hours of volunteer time in the Community and to the Extension Service to receive their certification as a Master Gardener. To retain certification, 25 hours of volunteer service are required each year. For an application or more information, call the Troup County Extension Service at 706-883-1675 or stop in at the Extension Office, Suite 2200 in the County Government Center at 200 Ridley Avenue, LaGrange. Applications must be received in the office by December 15, 2008.

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March 15, 2008

Master Gardener Day Honors Volunteers

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Master Gardener Day in Georgia is March 15th. What is a Master Gardener? Master Gardeners are very well-trained volunteers that serve their community in a variety of ways. They are an invaluable asset to the County Extension Service, providing assistance to the County Agent and home gardeners throughout the county. Trained by experts with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Georgia Master Gardeners help answer gardening questions year-round and assist with a variety of garden-related projects. To honor their service to the state of Georgia, Governor Sonny Perdue declared March 15th as Master Gardener Day. Master Gardeners participate in gardening projects which range from teaching children about gardening or planting flowers downtown to actually visiting home gardens to offer suggestions on pest management, and all kinds of tasks in between. Georgia Master Gardeners are very busy, because last year 2,644 Master Gardeners donated 192,854 hours of their time to help Agents and gardeners in their counties. If you’re looking for a chance to help your community and would appreciate receiving valuable gardening training and experience, you should look into the Master Gardener Program. I owe alot to the Master Gardener Training I’ve received. We’ve learned all kinds of things about Xeriscaping, water conservation, plant conservation, gardening with native plants, and really more than I can name here. The Master Gardener Program has something for everyone. Whether you like to teach and speak, perform office tasks, or just get down on your hands and knees and dig in the dirt, you’ll find a worthwhile volunteer program that you can really enjoy. For more information, visit the Georgia Master Gardener website at

December 29, 2007

Master Gardener Course

Do you love gardening so much that you just can’t get enough of it? Are you eager to learn all you can about all aspects of gardening? Does the thought of giving something back to your community appeal to you? If you’ve said yes to all of these questions, you should become a Master Gardener! You’ve probably heard the term before, but maybe thought you could not go back to school. Becoming a Master Gardener doesn’t require attending college or signing up for a lengthy course. The Master Gardener course is offered yearly, and is conducted by your local County Extension Office. Classes are held twice weekly for about 8 weeks, and a course fee is required. Speakers are very knowledgeable, and come from all over the state, often including professors from your state University. In exchange for all the instruction you will receive, you will be required to perform volunteer hours in some aspect of gardening. Some volunteers prefer to work with children, others find it very rewarding to work with the senior citizens, and some just want to do office work. Whatever your forte, there is something for you to do that will make a difference in your own home town. For more information on how you can become a Master Gardener, contact your local County Extension Service or read more about the Georgia Master Gardener Program online at:
Although we’ve received some rain, we do need more, so please continue to pray for rain. Happy New Year!

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