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November 22, 2009

Snapdragons: Plant in Fall for Fragrance in Spring

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In spring we receive many compliments for the beautiful snapdragons growing in our garden. But to have tall fragrant snapdragons in the spring garden, you must plant them in the fall.

Snapdragons enjoy sunlight, but partial shade is best in the deep south. I have found my snapdragons to bloom best with morning sun and afternoon shade or a little filtered sun all day.

Snapdragons prefer a fluffy, nutrient-rich soil. When planting, mix in enough compost or humus to make a fluffy mixture that will not compact. This ensures good root growth which will in turn provide lots of top-growth and blooms.

Snapdragons are not very drought tolerant, so water weekly in the absence of rainfall.

September 24, 2009

Xeriscape Gardening with Companion Plants

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Georgia gardeners are becoming increasingly concerned about water conservation due to recent extreme droughts. But since lately we’ve received a little bit too much rain here in Georgia, I considered a practice we’ve tried to stick to here in our garden for a few years now: Companion Planting. Now I’m not talking about  what you might be thinking–companion planting as laid out in organic gardening books to promote heavy yields in the vegetable garden. What I’m talking about is simply planting moisture loving plants all together, to make watering easier with less waste. 

Shown in the photo above is Helianthus angustifolius Gold Lace, our native American Swamp Sunflower, with Colocasia Black Magic. What a striking contrast, and they both enjoy the soaking rains we’ve received lately.

Choose moisture lovers wisely and sparingly. Then place them in groups, preferably where the occasionally received rain water collects, but certainly where you can reach them easily with a hose.

For a list of plants that enjoy wet soil, visit Shady Gardens Nursery.

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