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May 11, 2008

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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Mother’s Day is here, so we’re all pondering on that special gift for Mama. If you’re blessed enough to still have your Mother with you, she deserves something special, doesn’t she? We owe all that we are to our Mother—She made me what I am today. Since most Mothers love flowers, plants are probably the most popular Mother’s Day gift. Whether or not your Mother has enough plants is hard to say. But to most Mothers, the gift is not as important as the giver. What I mean is, most Mothers just want to spend time with their children. Now that we’re grown and no longer living at home, we just don’t spend enough time with our Mothers. No matter which gift you choose for your Mother this year, include a special gift of some time with you. Take her to lunch, or fix lunch for her. If you choose a special gift of jewelry for your Mother this year, also spend the day with her. If you go with the gift of a plant, stay with her and plant it for her! Or work all day in her garden! Whatever you decide to give your Mother this year, make sure you spend Mother’s Day with her. That will truly make her Mother’s Day special!

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