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May 29, 2013

Chihuahua Rescued

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Hallelujah! The Chihuahua we found last week has been adopted! 

A very sweet girl drove about two hours one way last night to get her, after reading my listing for her just yesterday. I was overjoyed to find such a sweet new “mommy” for our little sweetie. 

We could not keep her, yet we were concerned about the kind of home we would allow her to go to. We turned down a few people yesterday, just because we had a bad feeling that they could not care for her properly. I can’t help but be suspicious. Pet abuse in the form of neglect seems to be rampant around here. (For the background information on this little chihuahua, please read my previous posts.) 

Why would someone not feed a little dog who depends on them? How hard is it to just pour some food into a bowl for the little thing? If you can’t provide a loving and safe environment for a pet, then you should not have one. In this tough economy, I can understand how someone cannot afford veterinary care, although that is a necessary expense when you have pets. But feeding a small animal doesn’t cost much. Not feeding a little dog or cat is inexcusable.

Anyway, this story has a very happy ending, and for that I am very thankful. God bless you Suni, for taking our little rescued chihuahua and making her your own.

(By the way, she gained 8 ounces during the 11 days we had her, so I think she will continue to improve and be a very healthy and happy dog.)

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