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May 27, 2013

Memorial Day: The Real Reason for this Holiday

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As you enjoy your cook out today, remember what this day really means.

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who have died during service in our United States Armed Forces. As you enjoy this day with your family, please take a moment to pause and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Give a prayer of thanks for them and pray for comfort for those who are still grieving their loss. And if you see a veteran today, say “Thank you” to him or her for putting themselves in harm’s way for you and for me and for our freedom.
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October 7, 2012

Plants In the Office: Why You Need Them

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Anyone can see that nice green plants in the office make the space more attractive. But can indoor plants actually improve your health? Can plants help to boost your productivity? 

Recent research proves this to be true. Interior plants contribute to a pleasant and healthy work environment. Plants help to relieve stress. We feel more calm and at ease with our surroundings when we are surrounded by green plants.

When the office contains healthy green plants, workers make fewer mistakes, take less sick days, and get more work done.

Certain plants help to clean the air by filtering out pollutants. Living plants regulate  humidity, reduce airborne dust, and cool the indoor air temperatures.

Additionally, interior plants help to reduce background noise, making it easier for employees to get their work done with less distraction.

Make your office more appealing to your employees by surrounding them with large green plants. 

Weeping Ficus with Braided Trunk  

Planters such as this are inexpensive, yet provide a worthwhile benefit to your office environment. Let us help you with your interior landscaping.

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